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 Mastiff Puppies
 Mastiff Puppies
 Mastiff Puppies

    All English Mastiff Pups are descendants of Groppitti Wallon and Greco Bloodlines


Breeding Top Quality Bullmastiffs & Mastiffs since 1962


AKC Bullmastiff Breeder

4-Paws Mastiffs breeds strong, beautiful, healthy Bullmastiffs with champion pedigrees. Many dog showers have taken their 4-Paws Bullmastiff on to win ACK shows with their handsome dog, while others have trained their pup to be a working dog, and others enjoy a wonderful family pet. Whatever you are seeking a Bullmastiff for, 4-Paws Mastiffs has a magnificent, loving pup for you.

Bullmastiffs are very similar to English Mastiffs in many ways. They both share similar colors and sizes, and both are very large dogs. The Bullmastiff is slightly smaller than the English and shows a slightly thinner face and stockier features. Bullmastiffs tend to weigh less than English Mastiffs and are generally not as tall. Their temperaments are also similar, as both are very loving, loyal, affectionate animals that crave attention and closeness to their family.

See 4-Paws Mastiff’s own champion Bullmastiffs among the photos, as well as proud show winners and working dogs from 4-Paw’s past pups. Call or email to learn more about 4-Paws Mastiffs Bullmastiff Breeders: bullmastiffs for sale in Texas.


Bullmastiff Breeders in Texas

As you can see this big Bull Mastiff male is very gentle with small dogs.

Bullmastiffs for Sale TX

This is Lisa Brown with her dog she got from us, which has turned into a beautiful service dog. This is wonderful Lisa. You and your loving companion look beautiful.

5 Point Major Champion Bitch
Bringing up the Rear “Angel”
Titled Out 2002
Handler Mrs. Ann House and Breeder



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