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 Mastiff Puppies
 Mastiff Puppies
 Mastiff Puppies

English Mastiff Puppies for Sale Texas

Mastiff Puppies for Sale Texas

    All English Mastiff Pups are descendants of Groppitti Wallon and Greco Bloodlines


                  4 Paws Mastiffs - Breeding Top Quality Bullmastiffs & Mastiffs since 1962

We are members of the international champion showers, AKC Member.

AKC registration pups $1,500 & up.
Pet and Companion AKC $1,200.


International Champion
IV Paws Red River
Handler: Miss Fondria Jerome
Titled Out: 7.2.2006

Past Pups: Dear Jimmie,
I wanted to reach out to you and thank you. Back in February 2004, I adopted a fawn mastiff puppy from you. Puppy #4 if I recall correctly (without looking at his papers). Having never owned a mastiff before, I didn't quite know what I was in for but let me tell you that he changed my life. Sonny was, by far, the best dog that I have ever had it been around. He was my best friend.

Its with a heavy heart, however, that I tell you that this past Monday, Sonny passed. He was 12. Losing him was one of the hardest things I've been through, and I have been through a lot.

I wanted to reach out to thank you for giving me the gift that he was.

Warmest regards,
Joe Farinacci

5 Point Major Champion 2001
   House Iíll Save the Day

5 Point Major Champion Bitch
Bringing up the Rear ďAngelĒ
Titled Out 2002
Handler Mrs. Ann House and Breeder

Bring a loyal, loving, pet and protector into your home or find your new handsome show dog at 4-Paws Mastiffs. 4-Paws breeds beautiful English Mastiffs and Bullmastiff puppies for sale in Texas from champion bloodlines that continue to impress. As members of the international champion showers, AKC, 4-Paws Mastiffs ensures every pup gets the best start with impeccable pedigrees, love, attention and socialization, so they can grow into excellent show dogs and dedicated family pets.

Once you have a Mastiff, you will never want another breed of dog. Bullmastiffs and English Mastiffs both steal your heart from puppyhood and as they grow they become more loyal and loving than any other dog. Mastiffs are notoriously large, yet also remarkable gentle and affectionate towards all family members. For over 40 years 4-Paws Mastiffs has bred these exceptional dogs with strong physiques, healthy joints, even temperaments so they exhibit all the best aspects of the breed.

See the puppies section to find your adorable English or Bullmastiff pup. Fill out an order form to get start or contact 4-Paws Mastiffs with any questions.

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